(4 Weeks – 12 Months)- Your Infant will be provided with a program that meets the need of your infant. Even as an Infant your child is learning through their five senses. We ensure that your baby is physically comforted, emotional secure, socially developed and establish communication skills.Our loving caregivers will provide a home away from home for your little ones.


(4 – 5 years)-Curiosity is the name of the game for these Little Legends. They are asking questions, coming up with ideas and seeking knowledge at this age. The program we have for these Little Legends gives them the foundation for them to be artist, inventors, leaders and much more.


(12 Months – 24 Month)-At this age, we encourage our Little Legends to express themselves as they are developing a sense of self. Your toddler will have a vocabulary of over 50 words. The children are introduced to activities that allows them to experiment with sound, textures, colors and shapes. We love to see the colorful personalities of your toddler show and our program provides everything necessary for them to shine!


(5 – 6 years)- Your kindergartener is more than ready for a challenge.There are fun and creative activities for your child to do that will challenge their minds to think on the next level. Your child is prepared to make hypothesis, record and explore this interesting world.


(3 – 4 years)- Our 3-year-old program is fully balanced with routines where the children learn and play. Even in play our Little Legends learn through imaginative play, interactive play and creative arts. As the children have grown to have a sense of self, our loving caregivers encourages your child as they develop self-esteem.

Before/After School Care

We spend 30 minutes to an hour doing homework and/tutoring with your child.They are fed a healthy snack and rotate with game stations, center play and outside play. Here at Little Legends we encourage the children to reflect on their day and teach us what they have learned.

Summer Camp

Fun FunFun in the sun! Our summer camp program is fully of adventure. We have awesome activities from water play, arts and craft, cooking, science projects, sports, dramatic play and much more. All snacks and meals will be provided so just have your child ready to have a highly educational and action packed summer! Under each program I would like a link that the parents can click on that will take them to the schedules which I have enclosed.